The Project

The Tour

Viagra Monologues Interview Tour

We are going to rent a bus for a month, cover it in a Viagra Monologues wrap, and convert it into a mobile studio. We’ve mapped out a route that takes us all over the country, and we’ll interview all kinds of people about their sex lives, desires, insecurities, etc. We’ll also examine how they’ve been influenced by the pervasive sexuality in the country and the constant advertising of it and these drugs that fuel it. We’re going to interview doctors, prostitutes, pharmaceutical industry professionals, marketing specialists, the sex addicted, people using ED drugs in long term relationships, and those just using it for hooking up.

The Film

Viagra Monologues

Viagra Monologues: Tales of Sex, Money and Medicine will be a documentary film that explores Viagra’s effect on American sexual culture. It will also highlight delicate relationship between the needs of capital and the social responsibility of medicine.

The film approaches the Viagra phenomenon from several angles:

It traces the development of a medicine originally marketed to enable men with a number of purely physical maladies to attain and maintain an erection.

Viagra Monologues exposes the degree to which Viagra and similar medications are now being used as recreational drugs, with men often keeping their use secret from their partners.

It also examines how the drug has become a huge profit center for Pfizer, one of the world’s largest multinational corporations, and is marketed relentlessly to both physicians and consumers.

Dozens of interviews with men and women from all over America will constitute the heart of the film. These range from the hilarious to the gut-wrenchingly poignant. These entertaining and illumination interviews serve to underline the pervasive effect Viagra has had on American culture.

The Monologues

Among the many issues covered in these interviews will be:

The epidemic of secret Viagra use – the men who keep their partners ignorant of their Viagra use.

The effect on women who now wonder, “Does he or doesn’t he?” We’ll find out how women, including prostitutes, porn stars and grandmothers, feel about the drug.

The commercial aspects of the Viagra phenomenon, including candid comments from pharmaceutical reps and ad agency people discussing their role in making the drug a huge success.

These wide-ranging interviews will be inter-cut with archival photos, Viagra commercials, and references from popular media to illustrate the points made the monologists.

The documentary will take on this important subject with frankness, intelligence, humer, and compassion. After watching Viagra Monologues, you’ll never see the “little blue pill” or your partner in the same way.



New documentary to expose the dark side of erectile dysfunction drugs. Viagra Monologues: Tales of Sex, Money and Medicine, a feature length documentary that will reveal deception and dependence as unintended side effects of the Viagra “revolution.”

In the sixteen years since its introduction, Viagra has been used by more than thirty million men. Some have been prescribed the drug by their doctors for actual physical ailments but many have used the drug for psychological or recreational reasons. A great proportion of these men do so secretively…not telling their partners. Many of these men have become dependent on these drugs, frequently counterfeit and illicitly obtained, feeling unable to have sex without them.

While there have been books and articles in which these issues have been discussed, Viagra Monologues: Tales of Sex, Money and Medicine will be the first film to examine the many ways the advent of Viagra has transformed the American sexual landscape. Producer/Director James Franklin states that the film will not only be about the drug itself but about how the large pharmaceutical companies have medicalized what is frequently an interpersonal problem while making billions in the process.

The film will begin formal production in June with a sixteen city cross-country Viagra Monologues Interview Tour, the purpose of which is to gather the experiences, positive and negative, of the widest demographic of the users of these drugs. These interviews will form the basis of the documentary, which is planned for a fall theatrical release, and will trace the history of impotence and the various methods to treat it leading up to the accidental discovery of Viagra.

The filmmakers, Franklin along with co-producer Josh Folan, began filming some preliminary interviews in New York in April.



Lisa James, LMJ Public Relations

The Filmmakers

Field Glass Films

James Franklin

James Franklin ~ Producer/Director

James Franklin holds a master’s degree in mass communications. He has been a college counselor, classic car restorer, yacht broker and parking ticket resolution specialist. For the past ten years he has been the owner of City Wood Flooring, a high-end flooring contractor in New York City.

However, these commercial activities only serve as backdrop for his real passion as an analyst and critic of the two American cultures: the one presented by the corporations and the one experienced by the people. He found this disconnect especially glaring with the introduction of Viagra and similar drugs as remedies for the corporate-created disease “erectile dysfunction.”
James’ personal perspective was further informed by having lived through the women’s liberation movement of the sixties, in particular the transformation of attitudes towards women’s sexuality and the consequent pressure on men to perform as lovers to an ill-defined level.

While the issue of medicalization of everyday problems has been examined, little has been written and no films made on how this manifests itself in sexual matters. Seeing that glaring need, James developed the concept for Viagra Monologues: Tales of Sex, Money and Medicine.

To determine how open people would be on camera about their intimate lives, he took a small camera crew out to conduct preliminary interviews. The results exceeded his expectations. The experience of being on camera acted as a confessional — people wanted to talk.

Josh Folan

Josh Folan ~ Co-Producer

Josh Folan is a producer, writer, director and actor with professional credits dating back to 2005, prior to which he studied finance at The Ohio State University.

His first proprietary feature-length film venture, the romantic thriller All God’s Creatures, which he wrote, produced, and starred in, was released through Osiris Entertainment in May of 2012. The film premiered at the 2011 Hoboken International Film Festival where it was nominated for best screenplay and best actress (Jessica Kaye).

Slacker buddy comedy, What Would Bear Do?, is his second feature. Folan wrote, produced, and starred in it, in addition to taking on directorial duties for the first time.

The low-budget indie how-to case study, Filmmaking, the Hard Way is his first crack at writing a book, and you can follow him (@joshfolan) and his production company, NYEH Entertainment (@nyehentertains :: if you’d like to keep up with his concoctions.

The Monologues

The Discussion

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